Beautiful Mystic Survivors – Prologue: Characters Guide

Want to know more about the characters in Beautiful Mystic Survivors - Prologue? Check out this guide!

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In Beautiful Mystic Survivors, attractive female protagonists face off against swarms of enemies in a roguelike action setting. Strategically construct your army, choose the best upgrades for your heroes, and wipe the floor with your enemies.

In this guide, we will be showing you these attractive female warriors. Let’s get started.

Characters Guide – Beautiful Mystic Survivors – Prologue

There are a total of 4 characters that you can play as in Beautiful Mystic Survivors. They are all very useful and each has its own specific type of weapon and traits that give them certain advantages in some types of fight scenarios.

These are all the characters in this game:


Bellatrix is the first character that you will be able to play. She is a very good character to play as because she will do a lot of damage to nearby enemies.

This number of damage dealing will actually increase by a total of 2% every 3 levels that you will go up. She is very handy in all sorts of situations. Her starting weapon is a sword too.


Rosaline is the third character that you can choose from in the list of these female protagonists. She is a very good character to play as from the beginning because she will be able to obtain double the amount of Experience Points.

Her starting weapon is a shield with a mace which makes her a pretty tanky character when dealing with more enemies at once.


Ciara is the fourth and last character that you can choose from this character list. She is also a very good character to play as because you will be able to actually equip one more additional passive item.

This passive item will give you a certain edge when fighting tons of enemies. Her starting weapon is a frozen sword.


Melisande is the second character that you can play as and choose from the list. She needs to be unlocked first though. Once we have her unlocked we will be giving you her info as well!

That’s everything that you need to know about the female protagonists in Beatufiul Mystic Survivors – Prologue. We hope that this guide has given you some info and tips on how to play them. Have fun!