Want to complete the Belnis Two-Eyes Side quest in Souldiers? Check out this guide!

Souldiers is a retro adventure game that will offer a ton of main story quests and even side quests. One of these side quests is the Belnis Two-Eyes side quest. You will be required to find Belnis. The quest will take you through different obstacles and challenge you against various enemies.

This guide will show you how to complete the Belnis Two-Eyes Side Quest in Souldiers.

Souldiers: Belnis Two-Eyes Side Quest Guide

To begin the quest, head over inside the tent from where you visit the Hafin City for the first time.

Once you’ve entered the Zarga Marquee, move on the left side where you will see a wooden board which you can examine. Examining the board will show you the Belnis Two-Eyes quest, he is wanted and you must put an end to him.

The quest will now guide you to the Forest of Fyr. Get to this exact area on the map where you need to climb up a platform and look for Belnis.

Get to the small village in this area, where the wolf can be seen and killed. When the boss has been killed, simply walk back to the tent from where you first started the quest and collect your rewards!

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