Check out this Best Harvesting build in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper offers many mobs and bosses that you can farm and obtain very rare and unique items to build your favorite set. Sometimes this farming and obtaining these items can be pretty challenging and may take you so long time until you collect them all. However, there is a build in the game that will give you a 100% extra harvest chance, which means whatever you harvest, you will get double the amount.

In this guide, we will show you the Best Harvesting in Core Keeper!

Best Harvesting Guide: Core Keeper

For this specific build, you have to collect the needed armors and accessories to get the 100% extra harvest chance.

Farmer’s Hat


  • +20 max health
  • +7% more healing from health over time regeneration
  • +10.1% extra harvest chance

2x Petal Ring

They are exactly two same rings.


  • +31 max health
  • +22.7 extra harvest chance

You can farm these items in the Azios Wilderness Biom, on the green biom marked on the map below.

Eostre Necklace


  • +10.3% extra harvest chance
  • +4.9% movement speed

This item comes from the easter event and you can only get this by summoning a different variant of Azios Sky Titan. Once you defeat them you will get one of these drops for you.


The additional percentages for extra harvesting chance you can get from your skills.

The skill tree Gardening will give you a +40.0% extra harvest chance if you max some of its own skills.

All this will bring you to a total of 100% extra harvesting chance.

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