Bibots: Highest Resolution

Want a higher resolution in Bibots? Find out if you can change it here.

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Bibots is an indie action game characterized by its top-down shooter rogue gameplay set in a futuristic world. In this game, you play as Tayar, an explorer who is in control of a robot, which you can switch to as you explore and clear areas full of monsters.

With its jam-packed action sequences, you could definitely use higher resolution for the game. In this article, find out if you can change the existing 1920×1080 resolution in Bibots!

Highest Resolution – Bibots

Most players want their screen’s resolution in 3840×2160 or ultra-high definition when playing games, especially action ones. A lot of players ask if this is possible in Bibots.

Well, to be straightforward, the developers say NO. Bibots is strictly playable at 1920×1080, and no resolutions higher are available at the moment. But hey, since the developers took notice of this concern, they can always develop a higher resolution in the future.