Bibots: Will There be Achievements? (Find Out!)

Will there be Steam achievement in Bibots? Find out here!

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Bibots is an indie action game characterized by its top-down shooter rogue gameplay set in a futuristic world. In this game, you play as Tayar, an explorer who is in control of a robot, which you can switch to as you explore and clear areas full of monsters.

With the game’s interesting promise, potential users ask, will there be achievements when the game officially launches in Steam? Read below.

Will There be Achievements? (Find Out!) – Bibots

Bibots’ promise of amazing unlockable abilities, character customization, and, die-respawn-retry to save the world system has players asking, will there be achievements in Steam upon its release? And this has been one of the decision factors in buying the game. 

According to the developers in Discord, unfortunately, achievements will not be out on launch. But depending on the number of feedbacks, they might reconsider adding some. Keep your comments coming and let your voice be heard by the devs!