Black Desert Online: Beginner Guide (Classes & Leveling)

Let’s learn all the Classes and the Leveling System in Black Desert!

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Black Desert Online is a great sandbox-oriented fantasy game that allows the players to pick between different classes and make creative builds that they love and enjoy playing the game with. Knowing what class suits you best and learning the basics of the game will help you reach your goals much easier.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Classes and the Leveling System in Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online: Beginner Guide (Classes & Leveling)

Characters & Specialization

The game offers a lot of classes that you can choose from. With a giant selection, it’s sometimes hard to know what will suit you best. It’s recommended to spend some time trying out all the classes and see what suits you best.

The game offers a total of 24 different classes, they are:

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Valkyrie
  • Kunoichi
  • Mystic
  • Archer
  • Sage
  • Corsair
  • Sorceress
  • Berserker
  • Ninja
  • Wizard
  • Lahn
  • Shai
  • Drakania
  • Tamer
  • Musa
  • Witch
  • Dark Knight
  • Guardian
  • Hasashin
  • Maehwa
  • Striker
  • Nova

All of these classes are different from each other, and they all come with two different specializations:

  • Awakening (Unlocked at Character Level 56)
  • Succession (Unlocked at Character Level 56)

The Awakening specialization is unlocked by completing a quick quest after you reach the level. Once you are finished with your quest, you will obtain an awakening weapon that is unique only to your class.

Succession can be unlocked after level 56 as well, and you will obtain it after you complete the awakening quest and unlock awakening. This affects your main weapon and will turn some of your skills into prime skills.

Prime skills are buffed skills that are more effective than regular ones.

Combat Level

When you are asked what level you are, almost every player refers to what your combat level is, which the big number you see right next to your statistics is.

Rumor has it that there is a level cap somewhere in the game, nobody has ever reached it yet. But there are 3 main leveling milestones that you need to check out, they are:

  • Level 50 (PVP Mode Unlocked)
  • Level 56 (Awakening & Succession & +1 Sheet DP Unlocked)
  • Level 60 (Max Skill Ranks & +1 Sheet AP Unlocked)

You can go further than level 60, but after this level, you won’t get any benefits.

There are 3 main ways to increase your level, they are:

  • Completing Main Story Quests
  • Completing Side Quests with the Chenga Tome of Wisdom
  • Grinding Mobs

There are multiple zones and ways to level up quickly in the game, some of these zones are:

  • Polly’s Forest
  • Mirumok Ruins
  • Biraghi Den
  • Altar Imps
  • Desert Fogans
  • Roud Sulfur Mine
  • Star’s End

You can always ask a friend or guild members to help your power level.

Skill Points

As you level up, you will gain skill points that you can use to level up your skills. You can obtain skill points by killing monsters. Opening up your skill book will show you how many skill points a spell requires and the level requirement as well.

The two zones presented in the image below are the best zones to farm skill points and get some extra rewards from mobs.

Skill Add-ons

Skill Add-ons are helpful utilities that will temporarily boost your skills so you can be more effective against bosses and mobs.

From level 50 to level 60 you will unlock a Skill Add-on slot for every second level you get for a total of 6 slots.


Rabams are also referred to as skill enhancements, they combine skills from your pre awakening to make a new skill to have new effects. A really helpful way utility in PVP.

These Rabams are different for each class, make sure to read out what each skill enhancement offers and chose the best option.

Black Spirit Rage

Black Spirit Rage skills are special skills that are available for all characters. You can use these skills once your black spirit rage meter fills up.

These skills are commonly used with big crowds of mobs around you, they deal a ton of damage, and are also great for bossing.

You gain rage by killing enemies and taking damage. You are also able to transfer black spirit rage to other teammates and be more effective on the battlefield.


Questing is essential in the game, whether it’s Main Story Quests or Side Quests, they both help you very well for gaining great progress in the game. You can open your Quest Log by pressing O on your keyboard.

There you will see all your main quests, ongoing quests, side quests, and even new quests. A great way to track what quest you are on and what to do next.

Questing will give you a chance to learn the “Lore” of the game much better. There is not any intense combat there, and questing also lacks in gaining skill points.

Pressing on each quest will open up a smaller window of the same quest and show you the rewards that you can obtain, that way you will know what quest you would benefit from the most if you complete it.


The rerolling option is a great way for a player to set up two different characters that he can use at any time. There is a small cost to transferring gear from one character to another.

Players mainly use this tactic to switch characters that are better at PVP and vice versa.

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