Do you want to know how to get more Characters and the Difference between them? This guide is perfect for you.

In this Game the Characters are Animals. Each of these characters have different stats, meaning that they are different from each other and will vary on how your playstyle will perform. Some can be found more commonly and others are a pain to obtain. Your job is to collect them all and become the best!

This Guide will show you how to get more Characters and what is the difference between them.

Animals/Character Guide – Bombergrounds:

In this game the Animals are: Cats, Rabbits, Bears, Tigers and Dragons. The big difference is the Rarity.

There are 5 Levels of Rarity, they are:

  • Common (Green Color)
  • Rare (Blue Color)
  • Epic (Purple Color)
  • Legendary (Yellow Color)
  • Mythic (Red Color)

To see all the animals that you own, you have to go to the main menu and go to the button on the left side that says “Animals”.

When you click it you’ll see a lot of animals. The first ones that are clear it means that you own them.

The next couple of animals that you see can be unlocked by playing and having a required amount of trophies.

And the other animals can be unlocked through boxes that you get from the Battle Pass or through getting boxes from playing.

You can also arrange them by rarity, time unlocked or their level.

On these pictures you can see which character has which level of rarity.

We really hope that this guide helped you. Now go and get some more animals in your aossession.

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