Do you want to know how to level up your character in Bombergrounds? If you do, this guide is Perfect for you.

Bombergrounds is a game where you have characters to play with. You can level up those characters to make them stronger, faster, more precise… To upgrade them it’s hard because you don’t always get the upgrade for the animal that you want, but it’s always fun and interesting. Stick around and you’ll learn everything that you need for character leveling.

With this guide you’ll learn how to upgrade characters in Bombergrounds.

Character Leveling Guide – Bombergrounds

To have an advantage in Bombergrounds you can level up your characters. There are a couple of ways to get XP to upgrade your character.

The first way is to have cards that you can apply to a character that you want, and it will give XP to that character.

The second way is to get cards is through boxes. When you get XP from boxes it goes to a random character that you own.

When you get enough cards for an animal you can upgrade it.

An upgrade for an animal costs. The cost is different depending on the level of upgrade. If it’s a higher level you need to pay more, if it’s a lower level you have to pay less.

As we said the upgrade is to make your character’s health better, to have more bomb damage or to deal much more melee attack damage.

We really hope that this guide helped you. Now go back in game and make sure to level up every animal that you can.

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