Bombergrounds: How to Add Friends

Do you want to play Bombergrounds with your Friends, but you don’t know how to Add them in the game? This Guide is for you.

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In this Guide you’ll learn How to Add People on Bombergrounds. Just like in any other game you can Add Friends to play with, and Bombergrounds is no Different. Stick around and you’ll learn easily how to add your Pals.

This guide will show you how to add friends in Bombergrounds.

How to Add Friends – Bombergrounds

While you are in the Main Menu on the Right side of the Corner you will see this Button that says “Friends”.

When you see it Click on it.

After that you will see Your ID and under it you’ll see a Place where you can Type your Friends name.

After you Type your Friends name you will have to press the + Button on the right of the place you typed your Friends name.

If someone Sent you a Friend Request, you can go click on the “Friend Requests” tab, and you’ll see who Sent you a friend Request and you can either Add them as a Friend or Deny his Request.

After you’re done with Adding your Friends in Bombergrounds you can play together. Because playing together is always more fun.

We really hope that this guide helped you. Now go back in game and have a lot of fun with your Friends.

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