Do you want to play Bombergrounds in your Native Language? You can take some time from playing and see this Perfect Guide.

In this Guide you will Learn How to Change the Language in Bombergrounds. Just like any other game There is Text on the Screen. If you want to change the Language to your Native one, you can do it easily. Stick around and you’ll find out how to Change it.

This guide will show you how to change your language in Bombergrounds.

How to Change Language – Bombergrounds

 To Change the Language in Bombergrounds you have to go to the Top Right Corner in the Main Menu.

Once you click the Button with the Three Stripes, you’ll have to go to the Settings.

And after that you’ll go to the Language Part on the Right side of the Screen.

Once you Click the “English (EN)” button, you’ll see all the 9 Languages that the game Supports.

They are German, English, Spanish, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Swedish.

After you’re done Choosing your Language of Choice, all the Text on screen will be on that Language. In the Future they might put other Languages that are well known.

We really hope that this Guide helped you, now go back in Game and Win every round that you can.

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