Want to know how you can win in Bombergrounds? Check out this beginner guide!

Bombergrounds is an amazing game similar to Bomberman. Here, you will need to select a specific character and dive into a “Battle Royale” game against different opponents. As you land in a game, you need to plan out a perfect strategy on how to defeat the other players and be the MVP!

This guide will show you everything a beginner needs to know in Bombergrounds.

Beginner Guide – Bombergrounds

As you load up the game, you will need to press on the big yellow START button to queue up and look for 9 other opponents to start a game.

Note that you can’t play as many games as you want. You are limited to the bombs you have, you can see how many bombs you have just above the start button.

Knowing Where to Land

When you start a game, you will be in the air with the other opponents and all of you will drop down on a square map that slowly closes off as time passes by.

As you drop down, you will see a bunch of power-ups and orange boxes that you can break.

I suggest dropping close to the power-ups and avoiding the water at all times.

Boxes & Power-Ups

The boxes on the battlefield are great and useful as they give you random buffs which will help you defeat opponents easier and help you get to that sweet first place.

Right click next to a box to place a bomb and destroy the box. Once the box has been destroyed, it will give you a random reward which you can pick up by simply walking over the reward.

The same reward goes to defeating enemies. Once you defeat an enemy, they will drop some rewards which you can pick up.

Combat Guide

The combat system in this game is similar to Bomberman, but here, some other features have been added.

Pressing on your left click will allow your character to swing a 180 degree attack and stun other opponents if they get hit. Bombs can also be bounced away from the player if they hit it.

A charged left click attack will knock opponents away.

Place multiple bombs on the ground so they make one giant explosion which can potentially damage an opponent, or even knock them off.

Time your bombs correctly. A bomb will be ready to explode once it starts to expand a little, after that it will explode and deal damage.

And just like that, with these tips and tricks, you can definitely become the MVP in Bomberlands Reborm.

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