Bombergrounds: Leveling/Trophy Road Guide

Do you want to know how the trophies work in Bombergrounds? This guide is perfect for you.

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Bombergrounds is a competitive game that has trophies as a reward for a win. With most of the trophies you get into certain Divisions that puts you with players that are in the same division as you. You also get rewards if you get to a certain amount of trophies.

In this guide you’ll learn how trophies/levels work and what you can get for having more trophies.

Leveling/Trophy Road Guide – Bombergrounds

Like in every competitive game that you play, for every win you get a certain amount of points, or in this case trophies. And for every loss you lose trophies. The point is that you get more and more trophies without losing them.

In the top left corner you’ll see your name and the amount of trophies that you have. You can also see the next reward that you get for the amount of trophies collected.

When you click on that area the next thing that you’ll see is the tier that you are on, and the next goal and reward for the tier.

The biggest amount of trophies that you can get is 20.000 trophies.

We really hope that this guide helped you, now go back in the game and use this knowledge that you took from this guide and get a lot more trophies.

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