Bonelab: Easter Eggs Locations

Check out some of these interesting Easter Eggs in Bonelab. Very interesting.

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Bonelab is a great VR game that allows you to parkour your way into different levels, defeat harmful enemies, and even collect various hidden collectibles while you are at it. Along with these collectibles, a ton of interesting Easter Eggs have been discovered. Stick around to find out.

This guide will show you some Easter Eggs that have been found in Bonelab.

Easter Eggs Locations – Bonelab

Key Card Easter Egg

This is a Key Card looking Easter Egg that has been found under the Descent level in the hay stacks.

In one of the cells, you need to no-clip under the hay stacks and fall down until you reach an invisible floor.

Once the floor has been reached, look around where you will find an object that you can pick up with your hand. Pick it up and you will see something interesting.

Take the object and flash it with a flashlight to see it better. You will notice a name on it saying Steve G. This may be a Key Card that can open up a vault in a secret area or an upcoming one.

Secret Well Easter Egg

This secret well can be located at the Mine Dive area. Once you get this area, go behind the marked wall on the image and you will drop in an alleyway. Going further down the alleyway and turning right will lead you into a door entrance.

Enter the area inside and you will see an interesting and rather futuristic looking place.

On your next left, you will see another door entrance that you can use which will take you to a really bright place with a well in the middle.

This may be a project for the developers for a new level or a hidden area that they wanted to have fun with.

Secret Statue Easter Egg

To find this cool looking statue, you need to load up the Sandbox map. Begin flying and make your way to this city.

When you reach the city, behind the houses, you will see a stone statue of what it appears to be a human looking figure holding a sword with a mask over his head.