Check out the Newest BROKEN Build in Borderlands 2!

Borderlands 2 is a very popular action RPG in which not always the skills are needed to win, but sometimes you have to create as better as possible build and always be one step ahead of your opponents. If you want to know the newest broken build that many of the players are using right now, just keep on reading our guide.

In this guide, we will show you the Newest BROKEN Build in Borderlands 2!

Newest BROKEN Build – Borderlands 2

There are tons of builds in Borderlands 2, and most of the time players don’t even know which one to build. However, there are some of them very overpowered that most of the professional players are using.

Most of the builds don’t work at the end game, and that doesn’t mean that the build is bad. Fortunately, we have one broken build which is Hellborn Zero and Hellborn Salvador.

For this build, you need to place a low-level Fable Tortoise with a high-level call mod that subtracts your shield capacity, and since that sets your shield to zero, you will have the movement speed all of the time from the Fable Tortoise.

Another shield that can benefit you is the Flame of the Firehawk. When your shield is depleted, you will constantly release fire Novas.

You have to know that there are only two classes in the game that can subtract Shield capacity with their class mods. The first is zero with the Legendary Sniper Class Mod, and the second is Salvador with the Legendary Titan Class Mod.

For Zero, your Legendary Sniper Class Mod has to be at least 8 levels over your flame, and for Salvador, it has to be 13 levels over your flame.

Once you have this build, you will have to equip the Flame of the Firehawk and remove your class mod, then break your shield via self-damage or have enemies tap you, then immediately equip your Shield subtraction class mod.

This method will start the constant Novas and because you have equipped the shield subtraction class mod right after, your shield will stay depleted and you can cast Novas forever. Even after you die and respawn, the Novas will still constantly go off.

That’s it! Now it’s your turn to go into the game and try this powerful build that will surprise all your opponents and start enjoying the real winning.

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