Can’t find more jobs in Brewmaster? Check out this guide.

Brewmaster is a hardcore beer-making simulation game which could actually be used as virtual tutorial to teach amateur brewers the basic skills needed to brew a variety of beers. In this game, players get to discover, learn, and, master the art of homebrewing in celebration of craft beer.

Learn how to move on to more jobs in this tutorial.

How to Find More Jobs – Brewmaster – Beer Brewing Simulator

In the story-led Brewmaster mode, you get to do jobs that once completed, it will get you further into the storyline until you unlock everything. If you are stuck in the game after completing the first two jobs, then the answer for you is here.

Simply, you have to interact with the door next to the magazine or delivery box area. The next job will then pop up and will be waiting for you to complete it.

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