Here's a guide on How To Stop Contamination in Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator!

Brewmaster is a realistic and detailed game that is based on a simulation of the chemistry of brewing and a deep understanding of how fermentation works in real life.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Contamination that might be happening to you and How to Stop it. Let’s get started

How to Stop Contamination – Brewmaster – Beer Brewing Simulator

As soon as the water boils, put on the lid and use a high-tech chiller to cool it down. But right now, advanced chillers are having problems and are bugged. The fix will hopefully come, and soon.

Without the plate chiller, the best I can do right now is about 5% contamination. I can get about 3% from an extraction batch, but 5% from a grain batch.

Also, when heating the final mash to 100 degrees, don’t use a lid.

Using a simple coil cooler, you can get it to about 2.5%. Before you pour the boiling water from a brewing pot into a pan, you will need to set it up in the pan and open the tap. You have to put a hose from the brewing pot into another pot before you can put the cooling material in. Doing it the other way around won’t work.

Also, yes, you should always use pumps once they become available. Pouring wort is basically 50% to 100% more contaminated than pumping it, and the problem gets worse each time you pour.

Even with a small batch of 20L, a medium immersion cooler in a medium pot cools almost twice as fast as a small immersion cooler in a small pot. I’d guess it’s even better with a big immersion cooler in a big pot, so even if you’re only making a small amount, always use the biggest pot!

That’s everything that you need to know about How to Stop the Contamination that has been happening to your previous bear! We hope that this guide has helped you out with this job and given you a good start with your beer. Cheers!

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