Bugsnax: All 10 Mailbox request Scan Quest Guide

Let’s find out All 10 Mailbox requests Scan Quest in Bugsnax!

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In the Isle of Bigsnax FREE content update, explore a mysterious new land crawling with supersized Bugsnax. Back on Snaktooth, you can complete challenges from your mailbox, collect decorations to personalize your hut, and most important of all: put hats on your favorite Bugsnax!

In this guide, we will show you All 10 Mailbox Requests Scan Quest in Bugsnax!

Bugsnax: All 10 Mailbox request Scan Quest Guide

Scan a Hunnabee with a basketball stuck to it

Location:  Sugarpine Woods.

First of all, you have to grab a basketball in Sugarpine Woods. You can pull it with your grappling gun.

Once you get the basketball, make your way to the flying Hunnabee, then throw the ball to one of them to get it stuck on it.

When it will be stunned on the ground, quickly scan a Hunnabee to complete the quest.

Scan a Shy Weenyworm with ketchup on it

Location: Scorched Gorge

This is a very easy quest to do. Go directly to the Shy Weenyworm in Scorched Gorge and throw some ketchup on it.

While the ketchup is stuck on it, scan it to complete the quest.

Scan a Crapple carrying another Crapple

Location: Simmering Springs

This may be a little challenging. 

Go to the beach where you will find a crapple. Pick your Buggy Ball and throw it on the ground. Because they like chocolate, you will have to throw some of your chocolate on the Buggy Ball, so they will start to chase it.

Keep throwing chocolate until the crapples try to carry the Buggy at the same time. Once the first crapple starts to carry the buggy, the other crapple will carry them both together because of the chocolate.

Scan them to complete the quest.

Scan a flaming BBQ Bunger

Location: Scorched Gorge

Go find the bunger in Scorched Gorge, and throw hot sauce on it. While it has sauce, it will start to chase you.

You have to trick him to run to you, while you’re on the edge of the rock.

When it falls down, it will start to burn from the hot sauce. This is the moment for you to scan it and finish the quest.

Scan a Sandopede hanging from a Lollive

Location: Flavor Falls

First, set a trap on the path of the Sandopede. Once it hit the trap, he will split on few pieces.

Throw some cheese on it, because the flying Lollive likes cheese, she will pull him up and the Sandopede will hang on her.

Scan it while it is hanging from a Lollive.

Scan a Picantis caught in a Flapjackarak’s whirlwind

Location: Sizzlin’ Sands

This is also an easy challenge. Go to the desert where you will find a Picantis. You will have to come closer to him and trigger him to start to chase you.

Slowly walk away from him to follow you to the Flapjackarak to be able to get caught in his whirlwind.

Scan a Sodie watering Wambus’s old garden in Garden Grove

Location: Flavor Falls

First, scan the path of Sodie. On his path set a lunchpad to launch him up on the bridge.

Mark the specific area where to launch Sodie and once he hit the lunchpad, activate to get him out of the water.

When it will jump on top of the garden, throw some hot sauce on it. Then Wambus will start to splash water on him. At this moment scan them to finish the quest.

Scan a frozen Stewdler

Location: Frosted Peak  

Trig Scoopy to follow you to the Stewdler inside the cave. Throw chocolate on Stewdler, then Scoopy will go to hit him.

While the Stewdler is stunned by Scoopy, throw chocolate one more time to get frozen. Then you can scan.

Scan a Grapeskeeto sucking a Noodler

Location: Boiling Bay – Only Between 4PM-4AM

 You must find a way to get Noodler out of the lava. Put your buggy on the ground and throw some hot sauce on it, then Noodler will start to chase it and follow outside to the Grapeskeeto.

Once Grapeskeeto is near the Nooder, he will go directly to him and will give him a punch. While Noodler is stunned by Grapeskeeto, scan him to finish the quest.

Scan a Pinkle wearing an Aggroll box

Location: Frosted Peak

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