Check out this Bigsnax Broken Tooth Island Catching Guide in Bugsnax!

There are a ton of bugs and creatures that you can catch in Bugsnax. You will need to do a specific task and use a specific set of tools in order to catch an individual creature. Upon catching one of these creatures, you can use them to be your companions in the game and dress them with clothing pieces that you have.

In this guide, we will tell you about Bigsnax Broken Tooth Catching!

Bugsnax: Bigsnax Broken Tooth Island Catching Guide

There are 11 new bugsnax within the Broken Tooth Island from the big snacks DLC, including the boss Cheddaboardle Rex.

Bunger Royale

The first one in Bunger Royale, that you can see him right in front of the spawn area.

To catch him, you have to grab one of the powder urns and throw it at him, to make him small. Then put your rope trap in front of his way, so it will get stunned, then you will be able to catch him.


You will have to shrink him down first with the spice from the urn. Once he becomes small, scan his path and after he gets inside the tree, put the snak trap on the left side, and put the sprout on the other side, which will force Cheddorb to the trap, then you will be able to catch him easily from the tree.


To catch Millimochi, you have to use the flying Deviled Eggler. While Deviled Eggler loves hot sauce, you will have to throw some hot sauce on the Millimochi, then the Deviled Eggler will start to attack Millimochi.

Once they have hot sauce on them, you have to grab the powder urn and throw it on them to become small.

While they are small, run to them to catch them with your catching net.


You will have to hit the Spaghider with the hot sauce to trigger Deviled Eggler to attack him.

Wait for him to fall on the ground, then grab one of the powder urns and hit on Paghider to make him small. Once he is small, set your trap next to him before he climbs back on the tree.

Deviled Eggler

To catch Deviled Eggler is pretty simple. As you used the hot sauce to Millimochi to trig him to attack it, now you will have to do the same method.

Once Deviled Eggler is on the ground, make sure to throw spice from the urn to turn him small, then you will be able to catch him while he is still on the ground.


This bugsnax is extremely easy to catch.

All you need to do is to shrink him with the spice and then get him in the trap.


This is also so easy bugsnax to catch.

You just have to get some spice and throw it on him to become small. Then go near him to catch.

Tikkada Masala

Because it has a very long route, you will need to bring it closer to Millimochi. Because Millimochi is Ice, they’re cold, so they can put out the fire for you.

All you need to do is to throw some hot sauce on millimochi to make them collide when Tikkada Masala comes near the Millimochi.

Then go grab some spice urn and throw it on it to become small and catch it with your net.


The first thing that you have to do is to grab and pull with your grappling gun all 4 tabs that are around his body. After that his top will pop out and he will start to run away.

Once it doesn’t have its top anymore, you will be able to hit it with the powder urn to make it small. As the Pielobite gets small, it will become vulnerable. Now you are able to throw some spice on it and then just catch him with the stick bug.


To catch the Cellystix, first, you have to hit him with the powder to make him small. Grab one of the powder urns and hit it to the Cellystix.

Once it becomes small, just set your trap next to him to capture.

Cheddaboardle Rex

The first thing that you have to do is to get the rocks out of the launchers because you will have to get the Ched Orbs in the launcher. Use your grappling gun to pull them out.

Go stand behind the launcher where Cheddaboardle will throw his orb there. Then pull the trigger to shoot him back with the orb.

Repeat the same with the second launcher to do the second hit.

When the third launcher comes out, it will be covered with stones. It will have a little hole on the bottom of the stones.

All you need to do here is to use some shrink spice on the Ched Orbs, then they will get small and they will go into the small hole, then all the stones on the launcher will explode.

Use the launcher on the same way to hit back the Cheddaboardle Rex.

Once you are done with the 4 launchers, the wall will open where is placed one more launcher that works the same way as the previous ones.

You need to make him throw a Ched Orb to the position of the launcher of the wall. Once the orb is locked into the launcher, pull the trigger to hit him back with the Ched Orb.

Do the same for the second launcher on the opposite wall in the room.

Once you are done with the wall launchers, there will be a little puzzle contraption maze and a big Sprout will come into the room. You will have to control the Sprout with your laser gun to follow the path thru the maze to get to the last launcher.

After the Sprout hits, the glass of the Cheddaboardle Rex will crack and it will become vulnerable.

This is your chance to grab a spice urn and throw it at him to become small. Then catch him with your trap.

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