Check out how to Catch 10 Bugsnax in Under 90 Seconds!

There are a ton of bugs and creatures that you can catch in Bugsnax. You will need to do a specific task and use a specific set of tools in order to catch an individual creature. Upon catching one of these creatures, you can use them to be your companions in the game and dress them with clothing pieces that you have.

In this guide, we will show you How to Catch 10 Bugsnax in Under 90 Seconds!

Bugsnax: Catch 10 Bugsnax in Under 90 Seconds

There are many challenging tasks in Bugsnax that require some technics but also how fast you can do it. The task Catch 10 bugsnax in under 90 seconds may sound impossible, but with some tricks you can make it done so easily.
This task is located in Flavor Falls.

To find the exact location, make your way to the cave, where you have to pass through the waterfall and keep following the path.

As you run straight you will come to a wooden bridge that will lead you to the cave.
Pass through the bridge and enter the cave.

Once you enter the cave, you will see water with a stone rock in the middle and so many bugsnax jumping around.

To catch them, you just have to equip your snaktrap and set it down on the ground near them
They will start to come close to the trap and you can catch them so easily.

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