Bugsnax: Catch 3 Different Types of Bugsnax at Once Guide

Check out this guide to see how you can catch 3 different Bugsnax at once!

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Bugsnax is filled with challenges and quests that you need to do. The Mailbox request is one of them. The Mailbox request will allow the player to challenge himself, look for some hidden items, and go through a ton of obstacle courses to begin earning rewards.

This guide will show you how to catch 3 different types of Bugsnax at once.

Bugsnax: Catch 3 Different Types of Bugsnax at Once Guide

To get this challenge completed correctly, head over to the Flavor Falls area and position yourself on the east side.

Go behind the waterfalls until you see 2 Sub Sandopede, a Strabby, and a Pinkle.

Grab a Snak Trap and place it in the middle of the area. Once the Snak Trap has been placed, you want to throw a ranch sauce ball towards it and cover it with ranch, this will attract the bugsnax to come to the Snak Trap.

Once all the bugsnax have reached that Snak Trap area, activate the trap and you will be given a 10 second window to run towards the trap and collect all the Bugsnax.

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