Bugsnax: Catch 5 Different Bugsnax in Under 60 Seconds Guide

Time to catch 5 different Bugsnax in under 60 seconds!

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Bugsnax is filled with challenges and quests that you need to do. The Mailbox request is one of them. The Mailbox request will allow the player to challenge himself, look for some hidden items, and go through a ton of obstacle courses to begin earning rewards.

This guide will show you how to catch 5 different Bugsnax in under 60 seconds.

Bugsnax: Catch 5 Different Bugsnax in Under 60 Seconds Guide

This challenge can be found in the Mailbox Requests list. The challenge is called “I need Your Help With…” Means that you need to catch 5 different bugsnax in under 60 seconds.

To begin your journey, you must go to the Flavor Falls area, on the east side of the map.

Once you come across an opening with a lot of bugsnax in the area, deploy your Snak Trap on the ground.

After the Snak Trap has been placed, place a tripwire hook that will go through the purple arrows that the bugsnax are walking on.

You can place another snak trap where the tripwire hook is to make sure that you catch all 3 sandwich bugsnax. After you’ve done that, activate the first snak trap that you’ve placed and you should catch a Strabby.

On the right you will find a Pinkle which you can catch by removing the top lid from it and hooking it with your grappling gun.

The Ruby Peelbug will try to run away through a small hole in the wall and get on the other side, you must be fast and place a snak trap before it comes out, once the bugsnax is out of the hole, it should hit the trap and be vulnerable.

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