Bugsnax DLC: How To Catch A Cheddaboardle Rex (Ending)

Time to catch Cheddaboardle Rex in the Bugsnax DLC!

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There are a ton of bugs and creatures that you can catch in Bugsnax. You will need to do a specific task and use a specific set of tools in order to catch an individual creature. Upon catching one of these creatures, you can use them to be your companions in the game and dress them with clothing pieces that you have.

This guide will show you how to catch the Cheddaboardle Rex in Bugsnax DLC!

Bugsnax DLC: How To Catch A Cheddaboardle Rex (Ending)

Once you start the challenge, you will have a really long discussion about the whole situation and the creature itself. This can be started at the end of the story of the game.

After the long discussion, a group will be gathered and you all will continue making your way towards the temple. You will notice the temple entrance being blocked, just throw down the small Buggy Ball to continue the event.

You will turn around and the Buggy Ball will turn big with the help of your friends. Aim your laser towards the wall to order the Buggy Ball to charge in and break it.

Once you are inside, you will be given several clues that you need to take a picture of.

After the photos have been taken, speak with Triffany and activate the ancient Launchpad by guiding the Buggy Ball on the Launchpad itself.

The Buggy Ball will launch in the rock that is located in the middle of the arena and the Cheddaboardle Rex will spawn.

The creature will throw rocks at you. Stand behind launch pads to throw the rocks right back at the creature and crack the glass.

After several hits, your Buggy Ball friend will come where you need to guide him through an obstacle course and get him into another launch pad where it will hit the creature and defeat it.

Once the Cheddaboardle’s glass has been destroyed, throw a vase that will make the creature small and catch it.

You can catch the creature by making a barricade that will go through the purple line on the ground where the Cheddaboardle is walking. When it hits the barricade, it will fall down and you can catch it.

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