Bugsnax: Donate the Mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s Barn Mailbox Request Guide

Time to donate the mystery bugsnak to Gramble's barn!

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Bugsnax has given the player a Mailbox Request system where they need to complete a series of events and challenges. In these requests, the player will sometimes be led to a situation where they need to solve puzzles and gain rewards once they have been completed.

This guide will show you how to donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn in Bugsnax.

Bugsnax: Donate the Mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s Barn Mailbox Request Guide

First of all, to do all the Donations you will have to go into the small little house with Donations written on the top of it. It is located in the center of Snaxburg right next to Gramble’s barn.

After you collect everything, you shall come in here to finish the donations. A little window will pop up with all the little Bugsnaks that you can donate.

Now let’s go over all the Bugsnaks and where to find them:

  • Lovely Sweetiefly – ,, It looked like a big heart flying in the sky’’
  • Location: Simmering Springs
  • BBQ Bunger -,,It looked like a pattern on a tablecloth
  • Location: Scorched Gorge
  • Cheery -, A fruity snak that loves the cold but isn’t frosty…And isn’t even evasive neither’’
  • Location: Frosted Peak
  • Cobhopper -,,In the forest, I get startled by a bugsnak that jumps from tree to tree’’
  • Location: Garden Grove
  • Golden Kweebie -,,Go for the gold’’
  • Location: Boiling Bay
  • Black Lolive – ,, Flies around in the desert, but isn’t sweet, or meaty, or any kind of cheepof’’
  • Location: Sizzlin` Sands
  • Tropicabug – ,,Hid in the bushes and wouldn’t come out no matter what’’
  • Location Simmering Springs
  • White Strabby – ,,It’d be like a strabby, but…different?’’
  • Location: Garden Grove
  • Tacroach – ,, Picantis lose a fight to a flapjackarak, and a small bugsnak popped out of it’’
  • Location: Sizzlin` Sands
  • Donate all 4 Legendary Snax:
  • Mama Mewon: Flavor Falls
  • Mothza Supreme: Sizzlin Sands
  • Daddy Cakelegs: Frosted Peak
  • Megamaki: Boiling Bay
  • Cheddaboardle: Not necessary

After getting all of this, you will need to use the Statues to fight again.

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