Bugsnax: How to Access the Under Ruins in Sizzlin’ Sands

Let’s find a way to access the Under Ruins in the Sizzlin’ Sands in Bugsnax!

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Bugsnax is a game where you can travel to different areas and encounter different mobs. All of these mobs can be caught in various ways and be added to your collection album. In the Sizzlin’ Sands area there is a giant ruin that not many players know how to get inside.

This guide will show you how to access the under ruins in the Sizzlin’ Sands area in Bugsnax.

Bugsnax: How to Access the Under Ruins in Sizzlin’ Sands

Once you reach the Sizzlin’ Sands area, you will need to look for a Pikantis and make him follow you to a destination where he will be able to break.

The area that you want to lead the Pikantis is located on the left side of the ruin. Once you get to that area, you will find a small hole that is blocked by a block of stones.

Once you reach this area, and the Pikantis is still following you, make sure to stand in the middle and wait for the monster to hit you, his hit will break the floor and grant you access inside the under ruins.

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