Bugsnax: How To Catch A Deviled Eggler

Time to catch a Devilled Eggler in Bugsnax!

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There are a ton of bugs and creatures that you can catch in Bugsnax. You will need to do a specific task and use a specific set of tools in order to catch an individual creature. Upon catching one of these creatures, you can use them to be your companions in the game and dress them with clothing pieces that you have.

This guide will show you how to catch a Deviled Eggler in Bugsnax!

Bugsnax: How To Catch A Deviled Eggler

The Eggler is a flying creature where you need to use a different creature to throw it from a Launchpad and hit the Eggler to make it fall down.

Throw ketchup on the Launchpad to attract one of the creatures to make it jump.

Once the Eggler has been hit, it will drop down in the water and be vulnerable. On the right side of the area, you will find shrinking powder which you need to throw at the Eggler to make it small.

When the Eggler is shrunk, quickly move to it and catch it with your net to obtain it.

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