Check out this guide to learn how to collect hats for Bugsnax!

Bugsnax has a lot of cosmetics that you can use on the monsters that you catch. Each individual monster can be equipped with a piece of clothing and follow you through your journey. You can collect hats by catching monsters in different areas.

This guide will show you how to collect hats for Bugsnax!

Bugsnax: How To Get & Locate Hats

When you are located in the lobby in your little wooden shack, on the side of the wall where the balcony is, you will see a picture of an area that you can visit.

On the wall, you can see the Sizzling Sands area presented to you, which means that there is a hat in that area.

Teleport to the area and search around to find the specific monster with the hat on it.

Once you find the monster with a hat on it, it can be your choice if you want to obtain it or not. A good way to reset the monster and the hat is by teleporting back to the starting area and returning to the area which is presented in the image.

Once you get back, you will notice that another monster is wearing a different hat.

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