Bugsnax: Launch Pad Glitch (Jump Further)

Check out this guide to find out how you can exploit the Launch Pad and jump further in Bugsnax!

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Bugsnax is a great adventure game where you can collect different bugs to your collection. The game is filled with a ton of interesting gadgets and utilities that can help you move around the map much quicker and obtain unique creatures faster. The Launch Pad is one of those unique gadgets that will allow you to jump high in the air and get to some difficult areas.

This guide will show you how to exploit the Launch Pad and jump further in Bugsnax.

Launch Pad Glitch (Jump Further) – Bugsnax

Once you’ve placed down a launch pad, it will display a line on how far your jump will go. If you stand on it, the distance will be shortened and you won’t jump as far as shown.

This cool exploit will happen if you run up to the launch pad and launch until you are at the very end of it. This movement will be registered in the game as if there is nothing on it but will still boost you up to that area.

It’s all about timing and practice. After a few tries, you can master this method and jump to areas that you are not allowed to go and even exit the map!

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