Let’s find out how to find Triangle Key & Get to The Triplicate Space in Bugsnax!

There are many items and collectibles that you can find in Bugsnax. You will need to do a specific task and use a specific set of tools in order to find some places or open secret areas. The Triplicate Space is a hidden, optional area of the game that both answers some questions and raises more riddles. Here’s how to get inside, how to solve its puzzles, and what to do once you’ve unleashed a hellish frothy coffee on the island.

In this guide, we will show you How to Find Triangle Key & Get to The Triplicate Space in Bugsnax!

Bugsnax: Secret Area – How to find Triangle Key & Get to The Triplicate Space

How To Access The Triplicate Space

To access the Triplicate Space, you will first need an item called the Triangle Key. This key you can only pick up in the Broken Tooth, locked behind a door. The door has a brazier switch in front of it, so you’ll need to light it up. Once you light all braziers, the gate will open.

Where To Find The Triplicate Space

Once you pick up the triangle key, it will lead you to a letter being sent to you that contains a clue to the Triplicate Space’s location – Grumpbeard.

Head to Boiling Bay and head to the half-a-shipwreck that Floofty once called home. Use the Lunchpad to jump up to the deck and then walk to the end of the ship, behind the mast. Look down where you will see a triangular entrance. This is the Triplicate Space.

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