Check this guide out of you want to complete the mission Good Fortune in Room 302 of Sawah Hotel in the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ!

DMZ is a game mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2 where you drop in to Al-Mazrah in a 3-man squad to complete certain missions and extract loots. In this game mode, there is no respawn and if you die without getting anything, you lose everything – high risk, high reward as what they call it.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Good Fortune mission in Room 302 in DMZ Warzone 2!

The Good Fortune Room 302 Mission Guide – Call Of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ

Let’s get right into our mission! First off, you need to get to Room 302. In this mission, you don’t really need a key to access this room.You can just climb up the roof and enter through an open window.

Our building of interest is in the D7 location which is in Sawah Village. On the Northwest side of the building, there will be ladder which you can use to climb up to get to the open window. Use this window to drop into the building at Room 302 because this is the closest one to the ladder.

From the top, you can actually enter Room 303 as well. But in 302, among the other loots, there is a deadbolt which you can use to open the door from the inside out.

That’s it for the Good Fortune Room 302 Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ!

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