Cassette Beasts: How To Record

Want to record your battles while playing Cassette Beasts? Read this guide to find out how!

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Different monsters and beasts need to be collected through different gameplay and adventuristic journey, that`s how you may best describe Cassette Beasts. You`ll need to win battles, solve some puzzles and as a reward you get to have a huge collection of different interesting creatures.

This guide will show you how to record and capture all of the interesting moments of the game!

How To Record

Want to see a list of all the monsters and their type for Cassette Beasts? Click Here to find out!

You can do it by just using the tapes purchased from the coffee shop in the game, or the ones you get while playing the game and exploring the area.

The quality of the tape depends on how strong the monster you`re taping is, HP and the quality of the tape. Choose the basics for the weaker and the other types for stronger beasts.

Remember to keep the monster alive while taping, because you have a slim chance of recording while receiving damage.

To do that even easier remember to equip the monster with a better focus that`s how you`ll finish the record faster and have a better view.

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Cassette Beasts, enjoy the game and stay tuned for more!

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