Darn it.. I wish I knew this sooner!

Content Warning is a horror game where you film scary stuff with your friends and try to go viral. If you are starting the game and don’t know what to do to get some amazing scary content don’t worry because, in today’s guide, we will be going through something you might have missed when starting.

From how to charge your equipment to how hugging can regenerate your health. So, stick around to find out, let’s get to it!

5 Things I Wish I knew Sooner In Content Warning

Charging Station

If you have rechargeable items such as stun sticks cameras or flashlights, standing next to a charging station will charge your items which is very important before you can make some spooky content.

Don’t Lose Your Precious Footage!

If you and your friends die at a certain location or don’t leave with the camera because you can go back to the same location later and find your camera.

Keep in mind that if it’s your last day everything will get reset and you won’t be able to get your camera back.

Stun Stick

The stun stick is important since you can stun enemies you encounter (including robots) making it easy to get away.

You can also stun your friends and watch them stumble to the ground for fun and laughs.


Flashlights are not only for illuminating the world around you but can also be used to ward off some enemy types that disappear when illuminated, so keep your flashlight close and keep it charged!

A Hug A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

If you purchase the hugging instructions from the shop you might think that it’s just another emote, don’t be fooled.

Using this emote on injured friends will heal them, how cool is that!

I hope you enjoyed this guide on something you might have missed when starting out Content Warning, Happy gaming!

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