Here is the ultimate beginner guide for Content Warning!

Equipped with your camera and flashlight get ready to go into spooky locations and try to get even spookier monsters on camera!

With a limited time of 3 days, you will have to explore the underworld and try to get scary monsters on camera and also get as many views as you can and upload them to Spook Tube!

If you are just starting out on Content Warning don’t worry because, in today’s guide, we will be going through everything you need to know about Content Warning from character customization to critters in the underground. Want to go viral? Let’s get to it!

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Content Warning

Starting Location (House)

Face Customization

Once you start the game you will be spawned into a house. From here you can change the face of your character to whatever you like.

Note that you can’t change outfits in the game but we hope the devs will allow broader character customization with future updates.

Watching Content

Once you’re done with character customization you can proceed downstairs where you can view your recorded content on the TV.

Don’t forget to share the clips with the community on their official Discord.


Camera and Flashlights

Once you get out of the house you will notice a camera to the left and flashlights to the right. Make sure to pick them up as they will be important in capturing content.

Charging Station and DVD Converter

These are next to each other right outside the house. The charging station is for charging equipment such as cameras and flashlights while your DVD converter turns footage captured to DVD.

Don’t forget to convert your videos every time you capture something interesting or scary in the “underground” so that you can watch it on the TV.

Purchase items you might need

Right next to the charging station, you will find a booth where you can purchase any items you need be it flashlights or any other thing you might need before your expedition.

The Underground

From monsters to robots this is where you will find all the creepy stuff that will get you views. To access this area, you will have to use the diving bell.

Once you are underground be ready for action as soon as the doors to the diving bell open.

Remember to use your camera sparingly and when you only need to because you have about 90 seconds of battery.

What to Expect in The Underground

While trying to get the footage you will run into various monsters and also weird machinery, make sure to get them all on camera!

Dive Bell Features

While in the diving bell, you can see how far your teammates are and how much oxygen each has left.

Features and Bugs


The in-game proximity voice chat is amazing and has great features.

You can not only talk to your friends but you will also notice that what is said during a recording might be used by the audience when you post your video.

For example, if you call a certain monster ‘Bob’ you will notice the chat in your videos also start to call the monster ‘Bob’ This is cool and makes the game more believable and interactive.


The game has little to no bugs. The only notable one is that even after your teammates die the diving bell will still show their oxygen depleting, although it isn’t a major bug we hope that the developers will fix it in a future update.

Hope you enjoyed this quick guide if you are just starting on Content Warning. Happy Gaming!

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