Check out the 5 Things to do Before the Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper!

As it is announced, the new Sunken Sea update for Core Keeper is coming soon. Many players are wondering what things to focus on to make sure to prepare for all the upcoming content. The time before the major update can be important for things such as boss killing or loot farming, or even just ranking up your skills. The Sunken Sea update will be huge and there will be new features such as boats, new bosses, a new biome, gear, mobs, and much more.

In this guide, we will show you the 5 Things to do Before the Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: 5 Things to do Before the Sunken Sea Update

Defeating All Bosses

It is recommended to defeat all of the current bosses or at least the first three. Defeating the bosses will power the core and tear down the impenetrable wall separating you from the azeos biome and the new Sunken Sea biome.

Gear Up – DPS is King

It’s highly recommended to get one of the two end-game weapons, the Rune Song or the Poisonous Sickle. These weapons can be obtained in a few different ways. The Rune Song can be crafted by purchasing a parchment from the second merchant that you encounter and collecting the three craftable components to wield this weapon.

This weapon is not only at the top of the DPS chain, but it also has no durability which is crucial when exploring the new biome and taking on all the threats that come with it.

The Poisonous Sickle can be obtained by defeating the Poisonous Mass or by finding it tucked away inside the insect’s head down in the dangerous mold dungeon.

Gear Up – Mining Damage

You will want to obtain the Scarlet Pickaxe or if you are lucky enough to obtain the Ancient Pickaxe. The Ancient Pickaxe can be found in a certain structure in the azeos wilderness biome or as a lucky drop from the Sky Titan bird boss.

Grind – Wealth Management

Grinding and hoarding loot is one of the most important things to do especially if you’ve done all of the other steps. It’s always a good idea to farm up an extra stack of scarlet bars or even some of the forgotten items such as fiber and copper.

While the update will have its own set of oars and building types it’s expected some of the older resources to come into play.

Skill Tree – Ranking Up

The most important one is skill leveling. The skill leveling can be a drag and not very fun to work on but they offer a whole range of passive buffs and combat enhancements that will be crucial when fighting the new boss and four new enemy types.

Having extra perks with the cooking and gardening skill trees will help you to gather the finest ingredients and cook the most game-changing foods that will most certainly come with the new update.

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