Core Keeper: Boss Killer Build

Let’s build the best boss killer in Core Keeper!

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When comes to the boss fights and you need to prepare yourself well so you can win the fight. So if you want to build the best boss killer just do what the following instructions are showing you, and win the boss fights with absolutely no effort.

Core Keeper: Boss Killer Build

To see the full potential of the character just kill your character, so we can build it properly from the beginning.

You need to spawn Azeos the Sky Titan, which has one of the largest health pools, and when you arrive there take some piece of the moldy cheese and the enraged potion.

Next, you need to use the poisonous sickle, and after a few seconds, it will spawn.

If you’ve created the build perfectly, you will notice that Azeos will be gone in no time!

This build will help you with farming bosses easily and you may hopefully get some good equipment upgrades.

You will take the loot and gain neckless that will give you extra health and +41 mining damage. After collecting them teleport yourself to the base.

Killing the boss will spawn a chest and inside you will find Necklaces from which you will get extra mining damage once equipped.

Once you are back in base it’s time to choose your armor. First, we are going to choose the iron helmet which will give you +15 maximum health, +10 armor, and +4.8% damage.

Next, we will choose the Ivy’s Thorn Harness, and I vote for this one because it will give you +70 maximum health and 31% critical damage, which is very important for the boss fights. On top of that, you are getting the double set of Ivy’s pants and thorn harness which are giving you extra 26% critical hit damage for a short duration.

When choosing a ring I suggest you choose the Ancient Gem Ring. This is good because it’s going to give +17 critical hit damage and +62 mining damage. You will also get an extra 14% mining damage if you have this in the 2set combination with the necklace.

To get the Ancient Gem Ring you have to go to your skills.

You will need to learn the Archeologist skill in order to have a chance in obtaining the ring. Once you unlock the spell. Go and continue with your daily mining and hopefully you will get a chance to obtain the ring.

The Grub Egg Necklace is the best choice when it comes to boss fights. It will also increase your melee damage by +18%. This will increase the amount of DPS you can do. You can take this one from the Hive Mother or Gorm the Devourer.

By now you can see that you have increased your melee damage. When you move on to skilled fights, it’s important to have Amplified Precision. This skill will increase the critical hit damage by 40% to all ranged damaging attacks.

When you want to choose your Gardening Skills, its best that you go for the Poison Coated Weapons. This skill will help your poisonous Sickle have a 25% chance to apply poison and reduce enemies healing done by 75%. The Potent Poison will also give you an extra 2% damage against poison targets.

Lastly, you need to organize the Melee Combat Skill Tree. One this is maximized, it will give you an extra 50% Melee Damage Increase.

You need the Building Anger, from which you gain 2% melee damage, and the more times you hit the more damage you’ll be doing, and in combination with the Fast And Furious item, you will get a 10% chance on each melee hit to increase the melee attack speed. These two are the main skills you need to have for winning the fight.

On this scale, we also have the Stubborn Fighter which gives you 15% melee damage when hitting the same target again. And lastly, in this role, it’s good to have the Strength of the Ancients which will increase your damage against bosses by 20%.

When you want to choose foods for your boss fights, it’s recommended that you first take an Enrage Potion. This potion will give you an extra 32.5% melee damage for 30 seconds and the Moldy Mold Cheese. The Moldy Cheese will give you an extra 38.7% melee damage. This food will also give you an 8% damage reduction from bosses for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

I hope that this Boss Killer Build guide will help you win all boss fights!

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