Let’s find out which Food Items are the best food to eat from the Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper!

With the last Sunken Sea update on Core Keeper, there are many changes, including the Vending Machine, new creatures, fighting mushrooms, different-looking biomes, and other interesting stuff. This article will present some of the changes mainly focusing on some food that I think will bring you much more strength, energy, and melee damage. Hope this will help you to choose the food that will fit you the best from the new line of food made with the update.

Changes And Best Food Items in the Sunken Sea Update – Core Keeper

You’ll have the feeling that you’re playing a different game.

Despite, the facial changes for the biomes and the new see, you will have the ability to crush the barriers and there will be many different rooms with weird creatures like slimes, fighting mushrooms, weird plants, etc.

Traveling throughout the sea will be exciting because you will have many interesting fights with new bosses that are now available with this last update. How cool, isn’t it?

There are also changes in the decorations tools and pieces, so now you can use the latest designs and items, that is incredibly stable and good-looking.

Vending machines and different kinds of food are also here, and the need to make different types of collections as well.

Here are some of the new stuff that I like the most, especially the new vending machine bubble gum that will give you 91-111 range damages, 2.5 attacks per second and a +35% chance on hit to apply slippery movement.

The spicy bait that will be hard to find gives you many abilities and melee damage.

Now you can collect shells as well, not only of your free will but to satisfy the master included in the game.

You will need to collect different items to fill your wishes.

Despite that, it’s good to collect the shelves because there are full of pros when consuming them.

One more thing that I need to get because will double your income is the Glowing which gives a +10% chance to get another non-fish item fish item on the hook while fishing.

Some of the tropical, and seeds available are now really useful, like the Bubble Crab Figurine, Smoothies, papaya seeds, shark thot, rusty fish, etc.

You can consume them in mixtures or separately to increase your strength during the game.

I must mention the Scholar’s Hood that will maximize your health for even +28 and will increase your ranged attack speed by +3.1 %.

Let’s focus on the new Vending machine food!

You will have the soda, cava coffee, glazed heart berry, cave crunch, snacks, tentacle jerky, crystal water and other things that for sure will come under your skin and you are going to love them!

Here are some of the foods and the benefits they have from eating them:

The new-look of biomes is also cool and have different colors included, which gives a completely new subject to the whole theme.

Great lines, with separate areas that will be easily recognizable now.

Enjoy the benefits from this update and use all of the new things you notice, there is so more to search for!

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