Core Keeper: Chipped Blade Location

Time to find the Chipper Blade in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper is an open-world game where you can explore different biomes and face off against different enemies. There are a lot of hidden items that players still have not found. The Chipper Blade is one of them. This amazing weapon piece will help you craft the legendary sword weapon.

This guide will show you how to get the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: Chipped Blade Location

The Chipped Blade can be located in the green wilderness area where Azeos the Sky Titan can be found.

It’s important to know that this item won’t be on the exact same spot in your world, as it is different. The important thing to note is that it can only be found in the wilderness area.

You will find the item in small buildings where there are pedestals placed inside, and on top of the pedestals you will be able to find the Chipped Blade item.

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