Core Keeper: Does it Support Nintendo Switch? (Find Out!)

Check out this guide and find out Does Core Keeper Support Nintendo Switch!

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Core Keeper is one of the best Indie games that find its success on PC, and Nintendo is also focusing on this game, as the company is pushing plenty of smaller games onto the Switch, which Core Keeper fits perfectly. There is a lot of interest for Core Keeper on Switch as many players were asking when this simple and fun game will be available on their Nintendo Switch

This guide will show you the latest news about the Support of Core Keeper on Nintendo Switch.

Does it Support Nintendo Switch? (Find Out!) – Core Keeper

According to the game’s developers, who gave the answer to the players on the Steam forums, Core Keeper on Nintendo Switch has not been confirmed yet.

As they say, since the game is released for PC, it is still under upgrading and is not done yet. It might take maybe months or years to be released on console because the game is literally just launched on early access.

For now, Core Keeper will be available only on PC, and that means only on Steam.

Because many of the games that are early access on Steam, take years to finish, especially those with small teams such as Core Keeper.

The game is amazing and it is worth giving a try. For now, developers want the game to stay available on PC only until they finish it completely.

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