Time to see how we can break these City Walls in Core Keeper the Sunken Sea Update!

Core Keeper has been officially released for a few days with the latest Sunken Sea Update. The Sunken Sea biome is the newest and most difficult biome so far in the game that has these City Walls that can be painful to destroy. You can break these walls by mining but it usually takes a lot of time. There are a ton of interesting methods that you can try!

This guide will show you how to break City Walls in Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update.

How to Break City Walls – Core Keeper

The city walls can be found almost anywhere in the sunken sea biome. They are small grayish dots on the map.

These walls are mostly usable for decoration and they can get you access to areas. Behind these walls, you can sometimes find hidden loot that most of the time can be legendary equipment or valuable materials.

The first method of breaking these walls is by using a drill. Simply place the drill next to the wall, attach it to a generator and wait for the wall to break down. This is the slow method because it will require you some time gather more wall blocks because you need to place the drill each time you break a wall.

The second way of destroying these walls is by using explosives. Grab some large bombs and place them next to the city walls to destroy a bigger area.

The third and best way to break the walls is by getting your mining damage high enough to where you will be able to break the walls with your pickaxe.

It’s recommended that you use the Octarine Pickaxe or the Ancient Pickaxe. Make sure to reinforce your equipment just so you get more stats and the tool is more durable. It will still take a few hits for the wall to break.

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