Let’s create a dedicated server together for Core Keeper!

Core Keeper has just announced their latest update regarding the Dedicated Servers. Dedicated servers will be available for everyone and that means that you can play together on a world with your friends or any random players that you find. You can also host a server and invite custom people.

This guide will show you how to create a dedicated server in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: How to Create a Dedicated Server

To begin making the server, you first need to have owned the game.

After that, go to your Steam Library and press the “Tools” option. In the “tools” section, make sure to uncheck the “Games” and “Group by Collection” settings and only have “Tools” checked.

Search up “Core Keeper Dedicated Server” and install it.

Once it’s been downloaded, launch it by selecting “Launch Dedicated Server”.

When you’ve started your server, the server console will open up as a “CMD” menu. You don’t want to close this window until you play on the server.

The Game ID will be the code that you can share with your friends or anyone that you play with. They can use that code to enter your game.

You can find your server folder by opening up %appdata% in your search bar and a Roaming folder will appear.

From here you want to find the LocalLow folder and follow up by opening the Pugstorm folder, and open up the Core Keeper folder, where inside you can find another folder named DedicatedServer.

Inside that folder you will find a file that you can open up with notepad. This file will give you all the information about your server.

Once your server settings have been set. Open up Core Keeper and press on “Join Game”. In this section you will need to write down the game ID and enter the game.

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