Core Keeper: How to find the Broken Handle

Look deep into the Forgotten Ruins and obtain the Broken Handle!

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The Broken Handle is one of the newest secret items that has been found in Core Keeper. There are a lot of other different items that are hidden in the game that players have still not found. These hidden items can sometimes be upgradable items that can lead you to get some Legendary Loot.

This guide will show you how to find the Broken Handle in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper: How to find the Broken Handle

The main and only area to look for in order to find the Broken Handle is the Forgotten Ruins area.

Here, there will be different treasure pots that you can break. Inside these treasure pots, different items will come out and you will also have a chance to obtain the Broken Handle in one of the,

This interesting weapon is not the strongest of the weapons but it does have a high quality and can help in certain situations.

The weapon gives out the following statistics:

  • 101-123 Melee Damage
  • 2.5 Attacks Per Second
  • +31 Max Health
  • Durability 350/350

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