Core Keeper: How to Freely Spawn the OMOROTH Boss (No Lure)

Want to know how to freely spawn the OMOROTH Boss in Core Keeper? You’re at the right place and this article will help you learn how to do it.

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From this article, you can learn how to spawn in OMOROTH the sea titan with only a few steps. With this, you’ll have different abilities and it’s a great incredible cool look upgrade and all that without the need to spend a lot. With the latest Sunken Sea edition, there is no end to the extra ads in this game which makes it a really exciting and must-play game. Hope this will help you to accomplish your wish.

How to Freely Spawn the OMOROTH Boss (No Lure) – Core Keeper

First, you’ll need to come into the holographic NPC and see which items you need to get, and believe me most of them are so easy to get. Here is what you need to accomplish this:

Two main acids will be used:

  • Ground Acid Slime
  • Wood Bridge

You can get the slime from the clay biome or the hive mother- the second boss in the game.

Go to the Omarosa Arena.

Place the bridge in which is ou think is better and place the slime so you can get him to bite.

Do that again after he eats all the bridge wood and that way he’ll show one more time.

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