Core Keeper: How to get Boats – Sunken Sea Update

Let’s find out How to get Boats – Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper!

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The new Sunken Sea update came with a new addition of boats, and this will help you to navigate the new biome a lot faster because you have to come across a giant ocean. There are two types of boats that players can craft and make their way much easier to come to a new biome. Stay with us if you want to learn more about the new boats from the Sunken Sea update.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Boats – Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: How to get Boats – Sunken Sea Update

On the beginning, you are going to need to craft a Boat Workbench at the Scarlet Workbench. The Boat Workbench cost only 15 planks and 15 Scarlet Bar. You might wonder what are planks, but they came with the new update.

If you go to the electrical bench, you will see the Table Saw, which requires only 8 Wood, 5 Copper Bar, and 5 Iron Bar.

Once you craft the Table Saw, go next to some running generator or electrical wires running from the generator. You can use the Table Saw where you can craft planks.

There are two regular planks in the game, the standard plank, and the new coral plank. You can obtain it by getting the new coral wood that is in the new biome. It takes 5 Coral Woods to make one plank.

Once you craft the Boat workbench, you can set it down and you will see the two types of boats that you can craft.

First is the boat, which allows traveling over water. It costs 50 Planks, 50 Scarlet Bar, and 20 Mechanical Parts.

The second is the Speeder, which allows traveling over the water much faster. It costs 80 Coral Planks, 120 Octarine Bars, 30 Gold Bars, and 30 Mechanical Parts.

The Octarine Bars are new in the game that was added with the update. It can be found in the new Sunken Sea biome.

Once you collect all the required materials, you can craft the boats, and then throw them in the nearest water.

The speeder maybe costs more than the regular boat but it is really double faster which will help you a lot with traveling around on the open water and exploring the new areas.

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