Core Keeper: How To Get Six New Valuables Guide

This guide will help you learn how to get six new valuables in Core Keeper – Sunken Sea Update!

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Are you one of those who love the Core Keeper Sunken Edit? Well, this guide can teach you how to get six more valuables that are from the last Core Keeper edit. To save your time and make them a part of your collection you’ll need to do several steps and earn them. Enjoy getting your valuables.

Let’s get the six new valuables from Core Keeper Sunken Edit!

How To Get Six New Valuables Guide – Core Keeper

Here is the list of the new valuables:

  • The Screen Device
  • Timeless Hourglass
  • Luxurious Hand Mirror
  • Cristal Spear
  • Oracle Card Wisdom
  • Oracle Card Inspiration

What’s good to know is that you can get all of them the same way in different areas.

The first one on the list The Screen Device can be found in the destructible in the cities from the second c biome shown in the picture, and that is right after you break the small pots:

 After getting the first value, the same way you can get the Timeless hourglass on the other side of the walls.

 To get the third value from the list, you’ll need to go into the dungeon chest and the large city destructible.

They look similar to the Vending Machines but smaller and can be found in the middle of this area.

It’s the same for both valuables the Luxorius Machine and Cristal Spear.

The last two on the list can be found in the City Sewers and to find this city you’ll need to look for the Giant Cities that have statues from the little Yoda in front of the sunken ships.

Blew the bubble and cut the tree to get this two. Enjoy your and get these valuables because they are totally worth it.

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