Check out the latest Sunken Sea update for Core Keeper and find out how you can obtain the Fisherman Merchant!

Core Keeper has just officially released the Sunken Sea update and it came filled with a ton of new content that players can enjoy. With the new update released, the Fisherman Merchant will be the most attractive NPC as the latest update is all resolved around the sea. Fishing for materials and obtaining overall fishing equipment will be key for this update!

This guide will show you how to get the Fisherman Merchant in Core Keeper in the newest Sunken Sea Update!

Core Keeper: How to get the Fisherman Merchant – Sunken Sea Update

The Fisherman Merchant can be obtained in two different methods. The first method is slightly harder as you need to look for him around the Wilderness Biome. From there you need to break his bed, and place one in your base which will make him teleport there and stay with you.

What you can also do to obtain this merchant is to defeat Azeos the Sky Titan.

Head over to his arena in the Wilderness biome and spawn the egg. The boss should probably be easier to kill now as he is from the earlier update and equipment in the sunken sea update is better and has more stats.

After defeating the boss, he will spawn in a chest which has a new item inside. The newest item that you want to look for is the “Pile of Chum”.

With the item obtained, head back to your base, and build a brand new room with a brand new bed inside that nobody has slept in. With the room created and the bed placed, put down the Pile of Chum in the room and walk away until you update the area.

Moving away from the area and coming back after some time will update your base and will have the merchant spawned there. He will now be with you all the time in your room.

The Fishing Merchant can sell you 8 items, they are:

  • Orange Cave Guppy
  • Azure Feather Fish
  • Dagger Fin
  • Green Bait
  • Red Bait
  • Purple Bait
  • Sea Foam Ring
  • Neptune Necklace

One of the best items that you can get from him is the Sea Foam Ring which was rare to obtain previously and the Neptune Necklace. This necklace is great if you want to have a full fisherman set to gain extra bonuses.

The Purple bait is a great for crafting the “Expert Lure”. The Expert Lure item will be needed in the future once you find Omoroth the Sea Titan. You will need the Expert Lure to lure the boss outside the water and fight him.

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