Let’s get the Vending Machines in Core Keeper!

There are now many updates and options that are open in the last edition of Core Keeper. It isn’t weird why this game has doubled the number of players. One more thing to do in Core Keeper, and that’s to get the Vending Machines that will benefit you so much during the game. If you want to learn the easiest way how to do that follow the instructions given in this guide.

This guide will show you How to get the Vending Machines in Core Keeper!

How To Get Vending Machines – Core Keeper

You will need one of those big cities that are shown in the biome in the picture, called the Four Lore Metropolis. All of them no matter where you go will have Vending Machines there.

Once you’re there you will need to search for the Vending Machines, so to cut up the double explanations this article will concentrate on the one in the middle area shown in the following picture:

It happens to be right in front of you once you are there. You should know that some of them can be broken. Choose slowly so you don’t bring the broken one to your base.

Break it and take it as your inventory and go back to your base.

Once you’re back in your base choose the perfect locations for your Vending Machine.

Use the coins to pus some staff to fill the machine.

You will get much energy and other benefits from the products in the vending machine and what’s even cooler is you won’t need to cook just put them inside and take them whenever you need to.

However, some stuff isn’t edible like the Oracle Card ,, Metropolis’’ that it’s really expensive and Core Figurine as well.

Filling the machine it’s up to you and your abilities to fill it right. Just be in touch and have in mind not to spend so much on it.

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