Core Keeper: How to get Wooden Planks

Check out this guide to find out how you can get Wooden Planks in Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update!

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Creating and obtaining materials in core keeper is key for upgrading your base and character. Some of the basic materials such as wooden planks can sometimes be hard to get for some players. Knowing the basics for the most essential materials will surely help you reach end-game goals much quicker.

This guide will show you how to get Wooden Planks in Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update!

Core Keeper: How to get Wooden Planks

With the Sunken Sea update taking place, boats have been implemented in the game. To craft boats, you will need to have a brand new workbench material which is called the boat workbench.

A Boat Workbench will require you to have:

  • 15 Planks
  • 15 Scarlett Bar

A way to begin making planks is by creating a brand new machine that’s been added, that is the “Table Saw”.

Obtain the required materials and make your Table Saw. Once you have the machine, place it in your working station area and grab some wood.

NOTE that you need to have the Table Saw powered by an electrical circuit.

And just like that, you can now make planks in Core Keeper.

You can also make different color planks by placing a different color piece of wood in your Wood Cutter.

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