Check out this guide to find out how you can increase your boat speed in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper is a great game that has recently added the Sunken Sea Update. With the sunken sea update, boats have gotten a lot more usable now due to there being a whole sunken sea biome. When you want to get around areas much faster, you will need to sometimes increase some sort of movement speed to achieve your goals quicker.

This guide will show you how to increase your boat speed in Core Keeper.

How to Increase your Boat Speed – Core Keeper

When you reach the sunken sea biome, you will get introduced to two different boats, they are:

  • Boat
  • Speeder

Both of them are pretty expensive, you’ll start off with the regular boat and slowly work your way to the speeder. These boats will be needed as the sunken sea biome is quite large and there are a ton of small islands to explore. Just getting around the area faster is better.

The way of increasing your boat speed is by equipping yourself with 2 Coral Rings and a Polished Coral Amulet.

A Coral Ring will give you +6% Boat Speed each, meaning that with just two of them, you will be able to have 12% boat speed.

The Polished Coral Amulet will grant you +17% Boat Speed. Combining all 3 items together will increase your overall boat speed by up to +29% which is great.

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