This guide will help you to increase your movement speed and will allow you to zoom in or out the map in Core Keeper!

Are you like me, annoyed by those slow movements from one place to another while playing? Well, I think that I have found the right solution for that in Core Keeper. This Guide will show you the correct steps on how to organize your build which will allow you to move faster. Enjoy!

Core Keeper: How To Increase Your Movement Speed – Core Keeper

1. Armor Set Up

Regular speed is around 160 and with this build, you can increase it by 222. 

To start your build you’ll need to get the next items:

  • Radical Rabbit Ears ( +23 max health, + 3.8% movement speed and + 6% dodge chance)
  • Blue Board Shorts (+25 max health and 6% movement speed)
  • Towel (+ 30 max heal and 7% movement speed)
  • Green Bikini Top (+30 max health and + 7% movement speed)
  • Polish Swift Ring (+ 7.1% movement speed and + 3.2% attack speed)
  • Swift Ring ( from the crafting jewelry that gives you +6.9% movement speed)
  • Polished Octarine Necklace (+ 5.5% movement speed and 7.6% melee and ranged attack speed- crafted in the crafting jewelry table)

These items will increase your movement around 6-7 in the bottom and top.

You can also reinforce this and increase them by plus 1% each. You can do that with just one click on the golden button.

What’s good to know is that the Radical Rabbit Ears were radical exclusive items and if you’ve missed that you grab one of the golden eggs-  Large Golden Eggs which you can trade on different game platforms.

2. Extra Items Set Up

Despite the cute and cool armor stuff I recommend as well getting:

  • Morpha’s Bubble Bag (+20% inventory sloths, 4.7% movement speed and 12% mining damage)
  • Azeos’ Dash Feather (+ 4.6% movement speed available with the sunken see update)

Once you go into the running tree and select the ,,Running’’ option you’ll increase your movement by +10%movement and 10% more with , the ,, Got to Go Fast’’ option.

3. Food Set-Up Up

These are the mixtures that will increase your speed level:

  • Hearty Pepper Wrap that will give you +28 food, 5% melee attack speed for 30 sec, 2.8% health every sec for 20 seconds. + 25%max health for 5 min and + 21% movement speed for 1 min.
  • Rare Spiritual Oat Cereal with incredible +45.2 % movement speed for 1 min, +5% melee attack speed for 30 sec, +12% less food draining, 15.1 health every second for 20 seconds and +79 food.
  • If you get the Epic Spiritual Oat Cereal you can increase your movement speed by 54.3%.

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