Check out this guide to find out how you can make a Shrooman Farm in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper has added a brand new mob that you can use to create a bunch of mushrooms simply by creating this method shown in the guide! Make the proper alignment for your farm and have unlimited food!

This guide will show you how to make a Shrooman Farm in Core Keeper!

How to Make a Shrooman Farm – Core Keeper

The method will require you to spawn new mobs, to spawn them, you will need to have Fungal Soil.

The fungal soil can be obtained almost anywhere in the new world, if you are playing in an old world, you will need to kill a bunch of orange and red spike slimes and combine them to make the Fungal Soil.

With the Fungal Soil now obtained, fence down an area and make sure that the inner part of the fenced area is all dirt.

Fungal Soil cannot be placed on top of a floored area.

When you have the correct area set up and fenced, wait some time for a bunch of Shrooman to spawn, as they spawn, they will begin walking around and spawn a bunch of mushrooms that you can break and consume.

To clear the area, simply kill all the mushrooms and break the Fungal Soil to stop them from spawning!

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