Want to learn how to spawn Light Beams in Core Keeper? Let me show you how.

The Light Beams in Core Keeper are good-looking items that are mainly used for decoration. Getting these items is possible only when you reach a certain point in the game, somewhere around the endgame content of Core Keeper, you will be able to start creating the light beams.

This guide will show you how to spawn Light Beams in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper: How to Spawn Light Beams

If you want to obtain the Light Beams, you need to get in the end game content of Core Keeper. Your first objective will be to locate and eliminate Azeos the bird boss.

After you defeat Azeos, you will gain his soul and the item itself will have a 10% chance to spawn a thunder beam on critical hits. The Thunder Beam can destroy stuff around the area it hits, including your base.

Your next objective is to go to a merchant’s room and pick up the bed that he has, and the slime jar.

Next what you should do after collecting the items from the merchant room, is to find a small room and put the light beam in an area that you want. I suggest you pick up the area on which you are building and working. You need to put the bed and the slime oil inside the room.

After placing the items in the selected room, you should pick your location to put your light beam. To have a full effect, it’s better to build some walls in which you can trap the merchant inside.

Walk out for about 50 blocks just to make sure that the merchant spawns in the trapped room, and return to his location.

Trap the merchant in a 1 block hole and punch him with your fist just to not do too much damage to him.

Face away from your base and begin punching the merchant. After the skill activates, a lightning beam will hit the merchant and continue going the direction that he is headed, the beam spawn on the areas that it has hit.

To block the beam, from shining on a certain block, simply place a wall on that block and break it, that way the beam will be removed, plan out which areas you want a light beam to shine on and build your room.

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